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There is different content on English and Finnish webpages, only some pages are translated to both languages.


About me - Contact info, technical profile, services I provide.

"Offline is the new normal. Open Source and Free Software and Open-Source Hardware is eating the world in the war on general-purpose computing. Encrypted everywhere. Secure by design. Defence in depth. Legal. Allowed to do business."

- xet7 2017-05, implementing GDPR


Open Source - My contributions.


Wekan - Alternative to Trello. Kanban board, using Node.js Meteor framework and MongoDB. I also provide Commercial Support for Wekan.

The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. - Platform game. Website and server admin, translations, game code.

Bootable USB Linux distro

The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. platform game

Harddisk secure erase Nwipe - newer than DBAN

Translations to Finnish

Sandstorm - SaaS for Ubuntu server, running webapps like these that have my translations:

Gogs - alternative to GitHub and Bitbucket. Code repo hosting, issue tracker and wiki.

Wekan - alternative to Trello. Kanban board.

Rocket.Chat - alternative to Slack. Chat system.

WordPress - At 2018-09-12 now Finnish available at Sandstorm Experimental App Market v2108.09.11 and will sometime enter Official App Market . After installing and updating grains change WP language at Settings / General / Site Language.

ReactOS - Open Source version of Windows.

SuperTux - platform game.

Various programming languages

Small fixes

I-Nex - Like CPU-Z, but for Linux, made with Gambas. Deb package build instructions for Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16.04.

LiteIDE - 2016-11-09 IDE for Go programming language. Added missing dependencies to get LiteIDE to compiled.

Qubes OS - 2016-11-04 Reasonably secure Xen desktop operating system. Additions to documentation.

Kha - 2016-03-03 Portable Multimedia Framework, made with Haxe. Git submodule syntax fix for khamake. Added Linux build and run script for video tutorial code, and Windows 10 build script start.

Mac OS X

macOS Mojave drush mysql.sock fix

How to get macOS Mojave brew MySQL 5.7 working for large Drupal drush dumps

Making macOS bootable Debian USB stick using VirtualBox on macOS Sierra <=== link to external website, and discussion at Hacker News

Mac OS X Yosemite install speedup

PowerPC Mac OS X LibreOffice and Firefox

Odroid-U3 Ubuntu ARM

Ubuntu 16.04 armhf on Odroid-U3 2016-11-13

Testing TSC game on Odroid-U3 ARM

PowerPC Linux

Ubuntu 12.04 Mac PowerBook G4 PowerPC - Includes info about Lubuntu 14.04 install


Installing Leo editor on Linux


Mac OS X El Capitan Microsoft Office crashing - This is already fixed by Microsoft and Apple.

Podcasts - List of podcasts I listen, not up-to-date

Parsix - Parsix Linux has changed a lot since I added these pages.

Parsix Linux Fixes

Parsix Themes for Mobiles

Parsix Background Image

Parsix Background Image 2 - Blue

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