About me

Full Name

  • Lauri Ojansivu


  • xet7

  • used in IRC irc.freenode.net, forums etc

What does xet7.org mean?

Nowadays company is called Wekan Team . Lauri Ojansivu is CEO of Wekan Team. Previosly company was called xet7.org , but that's harder to pronounce. That nickname xet7 and domain xet7.org was free when I originally selected it many years ago.

It can also mean:

  • extra lucky number 7 original

  • organize extra 7 cards with Wekan

  • if you come up with other nice meanings or anagrams, please email them me. Thanks :)

Technical profile

  • Cloud Architect: Moving Linux server systems to cloud (like AWS or UpCloud). Or from cloud back to on-premise. Performance and cost optimization. SLA support.

  • SysAdmin: IT support for Linux/Mac/Windows, managing and automating IaaS/SaaS/PaaS systems.

  • Maintainer/Leader of Wekan kanban board Open Source project https://github.com/wekan/wekan .

  • I'm mainly technical, not a manager.

Availibility to work

Solutions I provide, available remotely anywhere

  • .FI domain: 5€ for setup + price of new domain or renew: 1y: 9 € / 2y: 18 € / 3y: 27 € / 4y: 36 € / 5y: 45 €. Example1: 5€ setup + domain 9€/1y = 14€. Example2: 5€ setup + domain 45€ = 50€.

  • Websites

  • Remote setting up any Linux server environments. Getting software installed, running and scaling. SLA support.

  • Private Intranet: document editing, spreadsheets, file sharing, chat, kanban boards, etc.

  • Email: you get email address with your domain working in your browser and smartphone.