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Personal info law (523/1999) 10 § registry description

  1. Registry keeper:

  2. Registry keeper contact details: Lauri Ojansivu,

  3. E-mail:

  4. Registry name: Personal E-mail account.

  5. Registry purpose: If customer orders hourly work, provide work related details to customer. Also answer any other questions. There is no centralized customer database software used.

  6. Registry content: Email you sent.

  7. Regular info sources: Received email. There is no centralized customer database software, only received email.

  8. Giving info to outsiders: Your contact details are only used to provide work you ordered, and answer to your questions. Your details are not sent to outsiders.

  9. Protection of registry: 2-factor authentication of E-mail account.

  10. Checking right: Lauri keeps these GDPR details available at website. If you have sent E-mail to Lauri, you can send email again to ask what you did send previously, or to delete all email you sent.

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