Ubuntu 16.04 armhf on Odroid-U3

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2016-11-13 Added this page.

I found from this ODROID forum page:


that Ubuntu 16.04 armhf has been released for Odroid U2/U3/X/X2 users, download from here:


It has Ubuntu Mate 16.04, with MATE Tweak I changed panel layout to Redmond.

Setting up time with openntpd

I don't have Odroid-U3 realtime clock with battery addon. I had problems with NTP server that was included, it did not setup time correctly, so on Chromium and Firefox I got certificate errors. To fix this I installed openntpd:

sudo apt-get --purge remove ntp

sudo apt-get autoremove

sudo apt install openntpd

I did uncomment debian NTP server pool and added to Finland NTP server pool by at /etc/openntpd/ntpd.conf :

# FI pool

servers 0.fi.pool.ntp.org

servers 1.fi.pool.ntp.org

servers 2.fi.pool.ntp.org

servers 3.fi.pool.ntp.org

Then I did run openntpd with these commands:

openntpd -s

After that Odroid-U3 is at correct time. I added this to /etc/rc.local to setup time at boot.

Turning blue blinking led off

I added these to bottom of /etc/rc.local :

# Turn blue blinking led off

echo none > /sys/class/leds/led1/trigger

# Setup time at boot

openntpd -s

exit 0