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Sreenshot of Background Image

Screenshot of Parsix Desktop Layout Using Background Image

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parsixblue1024x786.jpg (Size 97.8k)

parsixblue1280x1024.jpg (Size 183.3k)

parsixblue1600x1200.jpg (Size 238.4k)

parsixblue1920x1080.png (Size 1.1 MB)

parsixblue.blend (Size 172k - contains Blender 3D model)

parsixblue.xcf (Size 5 MB - contains Gimp image)

Installing Background Image

Right click your current desktop background and change desktop background.

FLOSS Weekly Podcast Episode about Blender

Software Used to Create Desktop Background

It was created first using Blender 3D-modeller and then effects added with Gimp image editing software (click links to go to sofware homepage).

You can install Blender by typing as root (Application / Accessories / Root Terminal):

apt-get install blender

Gimp is usually installed with Parsix, if not you can install it with:

apt-get install gimp

Then Blender and Gimp are in Application / Graphics menu.

You can also open parsix-blender.blend file by double clicking it in file manager.

Screenshot of 3D Model While Editing in Blender

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