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  • staff has removed ad from front page.


  • Created Popup Ad Remover Greasemonkey script. Ad is embedded to front page HTML source.

Scripts Popup Ad Remover Greasemonkey script, made by me:

I have mentioned about the script above in this forum page.

There is another script (not by me) that makes layout flexible for big screens, the script is made by Niko Nyrhilä, here's link to the original post in forum. Script uses AdBlock with Stylish extension. I have copied the script below:

@-moz-document domain( {


background: #ffffff !important;

position: absolute;

left: 170px;

top: 95px;

float: none !important;

width: 760px !important;


#col-3rd {

position: absolute;

right: 10px;

top: 0px;


#outline, #wrapper {

width: 100% !important;

border: 0px !important;