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ReactOS is Open Source and Free Software version of Windows.


Translated Explorer to Finnish, so it's mainly Start menu and Taskbar:


Started translation of ReactOS and it's website to Finnish.

Asked about translating at Freenode IRC #reactos

[17:12:35] <hbelusca> For the website I guess you should ask Colin_Finck or vicmarcal (when he'll return back to IRC).

[17:13:01] <hbelusca> For ReactOS (the OS & the programs inside), you should first download its source code from SVN,

[17:13:46] <hbelusca> then, as a prerequisite, have a look at the links under the "translation" section in the wiki

[17:48:55] <hbelusca> xet7: don't hesitate to ask more questions about the translation stuff.

[17:49:28] <xet7> hbelusca: Thanks! :)