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Open Source game website:

I joined this Open Source project 2014-08-29 to translate game to Finnish, for making it easier for friend family kid to play.

Newest Updates:

Current status at 2016-05-20:

  • I am core committer on this project, with direct git repo access and voting rights

  • I have translated game to Finnish, all strings that are translateable, rest of the English-hardcoded strings will be made translateable later.

  • Original black-and-white website was coded by Quintus, project lead developer, using nanoc Ruby-based static website compiler. For new 2.0 release of game, at 2015-06-04, head8debian made single page visual design of new website, and I (xet7) modified nanoc code so all pages of new website used the new visual design, using Ruby/HTML/CSS/JS. You can see website code changes at and numerous fixed issues in visual look, code and browser compatibility at . I also translated website to Finnish.

  • At 2015-09, I did run Coverity Scan on game C++ sourcecode bugs, some of them are now fixed

  • We released new 2.0.0 version of game at 2015-08-17 (English) and (Finnish)

  • At 2015-10-20, we had problem with Python-based wiki software called moinmoin taking too much resources on server, so I created static website version of wiki, added same visual look as elsewhere at website, and disabled moinmoin. We will look later what less resource demanding wiki software to use.

  • Currently game works on Linux and Windows, and we are focused on changing game C++ code to use SFML to fix many bugs and make game more portable to other operating systems.